Build Peace 2015


Hi everyone! We have some very exciting news. The Build Peace 2015 will take place on April 25 & 26 in Nicosia, Cyprus.

Build Peace aims to explore how technology can enhance the impact of a broad range of peacebuilding, social cohesion and peace advocacy initiatives. It brings together the expertise of academics and technologists and on the lived experience of practitioners working to transform conflict around the world. The first conference took place in Boston, MA last year, and as Mahallae, we were very proud to participate and present our platform.

Nicosia is at the crossroads of Europe and the Middle East. It is also the last divided capital city in the world. This is why we look forward to hosting the conference in Nicosia in 2015; Nicosia not only provides rich ground for discussion, but also issues a collective challenge. We can imagine building peace with technology in a plexiglass building at a high-tech university. But do our ideas stand up in a building, a city and a region steeped in decades of complex conflict and with much greater economic challenges?

We’ll be announcing the conference program and opening registration for the conference in October. Join us to chart the future.

The conference will take place with the support of UNDP ACT in Cyprus.


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